The People of Taco Bell Versus the People of the DMV in Aurora IL

Several times over the last couple years I have experienced something so rare that each of these experiences have nestled themselves into my memory. What are these experiences you ask? Excellent customer service at fast food restaurants and the DMV. No not just any fast food restaurants – specifically the Taco Bell in Aurora, IL near me (1000 N Farnsworth Ave Aurora, IL 60506) and the McDonald’s in Oak Brook, IL by my workplace.

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Desi Wear Provides Great Service To Customers Who Don’t Pay

Desi Wear showed they care by following up their free Desi United t-shirt giveaway on Facebook with great customer service – even though I wasn’t a paying customer. While the “ROI of social media” can be difficult to measure, the “ROI of caring” will always matter and payoff when you think big picture. Social media is just a tool that Desi Wear and others use to show their clients how they care. I wouldn’t have bothered writing this post if it wasn’t for their creative use of social media paired with customer service.

Every so often Desi Wear gives away their cool desi t-shirts to people who like and share their posts on their Facebook. I happened to be the lucky winner chosen out of the 73 others who liked their post last month.

desi wear facebook giveaway

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Ravioli Oli Cares – Best Ravioli Restaurant in Oak Brook IL

My boss had a Groupon for Ravioli Oli about a month ago and suggested we use it for a team lunch because the restaurant is near our Oakbrook Terrace office. As a vegetarian, ravioli is a popular item for me whenever I go out to Italian restaurants so I thought it was a great idea after seeing their online menu. You get six ravioli pieces (plenty for lunch), choose your filling and add a sauce. If you can’t decide on just one combination, you can go with their “Oli Duet” and try two different ravioli combos, 3 pieces in each.

Ravioli Oli Plate

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