Interview About My Kelley Direct Experience

I was recently interviewed about my experience with my online MBA program by It was nice to take some time out and reflect on what I’ve learned and experienced already in just the first year of Kelley Direct.The online MBA program has introduced me to many great classmates who have pushed me to challenge myself – which is what I think is one of the most valuable gifts you get out of B-school.

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Restarting my site today woohoo!!

I finally found the time today to transfer my domain and re-launch this site. Because there is a chance that the old version was hacked, I’m going to start from scratch. I didn’t have that much content on the old one anyway. Next, I will re-launch RAAHI and re-commit to the business that started over 4 years ago. The nice thing about RAAHI is that I can continue right where I left off. Years of hard work have left a mark, but I can only get out of it what I put in. I stopped putting myself into it this year. Career and Wedding took over. I don’t regret that at all though, everything has turned out better than I could hope for. I love my job, and I shared a dream wedding with friends, family, and my wonderful wife, Bhumi.

I feel some closure now having returned from our honeymoon just a few days ago. I feel even more grateful for the life I have, and am looking forward to writing all of the “thank you” notes to everyone that was a part of our wedding. It’s a nice excuse just to get back in touch with everyone. Here’s to all the writing that lies ahead woohoo!