How AGILE Greece Strengthened My Kelley Direct Online MBA Relationships

kelley direct in athens greeceThere are few greater joys in life than the liberation you feel after letting down your guard. You know that moment when you see their eyes widen – that smile of acknowledgement appears on the others’ faces. You are no longer a stranger, a colleague or a classmate – you are recognized for you, the individual. It wasn’t until 3 months of weekly phone and Skype calls, ongoing online chats, 1 weekend together in Philadelphia, and 4 days in Athens, Greece that this moment finally happened with my Kelley Direct AGILE study abroad team. Continue reading

Jim Carrey Shares Wisdom on Outlook and Life with Students

jim-carreyI just stumbled across Jim Carrey’s commencement speech at the Maharishi University
of Management, and I am both shocked and smiling. His outlook is incredible! After just hearing him say a few things I immediately opened a Word doc to start taking notes because it was clear it was worth remembering what this happy soul had to say. Continue reading

Guest Post for Future MBA Students Featured on TopMBA

I’ve made a habit of sharing my takeaways from conferences that I attend on my blog. My most recent post about what I learned at the 2014 Higher Ed Conference got some decent visibility after I made many of the active tweeters from the conference aware of the post. That was enough for one of the leading MBA websites to take notice and share it on their blog. Someone from QS TopMBA followed up with me shortly after they linked to my blog post:

topmba-emailWhat do you think I said? Continue reading

11ish Takeaways from the 2014 Higher Education Summit

pathik bhatt kelley badges I had the opportunity to attend the SalesForce Foundation’s 2014 Higher Education Summit in Tempe, AZ earlier this month – my first higher education conference after becoming a “higher education professional” this year. It was a great learning experience with nearly 600 attendees who were very willing to connect and share ideas with each other. In that same spirit I wanted to share some of my takeaways from the conference as well, so here goes: Continue reading