40 Posters From Nasty Women and Their Friends in Chicago

This isn’t a post about the impressive size, diversity and broad reach of the post-inauguration march that took place on January 21, 2017. Please go to the official site to learn more about that and what you can do to help. This is simply an appreciation for those who took the time to use their creativity for something positive. More specifically, this is a post about all the posters at the Women’s March on Chicago and anti-hate (or anti-Trump) rally yesterday.

It was impressive. Good art leaves an impression. It makes you feel something. That’s what these posters did for everyone in attendance, and I’m glad that 1) my friends came in from the suburbs and inspired us to attend, and 2) that so many people made an effort to essentially create marketing pieces that will help increase the longevity of this protest.

In no particular order, here are about 40 posters and scenes from the march yesterday:

And I’ll end with this one…

How AGILE Greece Strengthened My Kelley Direct Online MBA Relationships

kelley direct in athens greeceThere are few greater joys in life than the liberation you feel after letting down your guard. You know that moment when you see their eyes widen – that smile of acknowledgement appears on the others’ faces. You are no longer a stranger, a colleague or a classmate – you are recognized for you, the individual. It wasn’t until 3 months of weekly phone and Skype calls, ongoing online chats, 1 weekend together in Philadelphia, and 4 days in Athens, Greece that this moment finally happened with my Kelley Direct AGILE study abroad team. Continue reading

Tips for Entrepreneurs from the Founders of Elegance Decor

elegance decor outdoor weddingIt is with great pleasure that I share this behind-the-scenes look at Elegance Décor and the founders, who are 3 the most creative minds in the wedding and event décor business. Both my wife and I went to the University of Illinois in Champaign with them and since then we have shared many great times together with this family. We were also fortunate enough to have them help us with the décor for our wedding events (even though they attended), which made everything look beautiful! But of course that’s not the point of this post. In this interview Swetal, Bhavik and Ronak Patel reveal the not-so-glamorous side of working on a start-up and share the fears that they had when they started. They have great insights for new entrepreneurs, and after reading this you will be reassured that you’re not alone if your struggle – and that it’s totally worth it! Continue reading

Tips for Entrepreneurs from Sumeet Patel – Co-founder of BrandBacker

Sumeet and I competed in an Indian dance competition many years ago back when I was on the Illini Raas Team and he was on Berkeley’s Raas Team. Fortunately, my team won that night – his placed 3rd. Although his dancing may not have been up to par (kidding of course), I can’t say the same about his knack for business. Sumeet has started three start-ups – BrandBacker is his latest. I got in touch with him recently to find out more about it and his other ventures. Continue reading

Guest Post for Future MBA Students Featured on TopMBA

I’ve made a habit of sharing my takeaways from conferences that I attend on my blog. My most recent post about what I learned at the 2014 Higher Ed Conference got some decent visibility after I made many of the active tweeters from the conference aware of the post. That was enough for one of the leading MBA websites to take notice and share it on their blog. Someone from QS TopMBA followed up with me shortly after they linked to my blog post:

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