Tips For Entrepreneurs From Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is the state of mind that people running their own businesses get to experience. Entrepreneurs are putting themselves out there with a product or service that satisfies the people they interact with so much that these people are willing to open their wallets for them. Entrepreneurs are driven individuals who don’t wait for others to do things for them, they take charge and try to make their visions into realities. The keyword being “try.” About half of the startups created in 2013 will have failed by 2017.

What is it then about “entrepreneurship” that is so attractive to these people? Why are they willing to risk failure? What motivates them to get up every day and put themselves out there knowing that the odds are against them?

These are the types of questions that I have been asking the entrepreneurs in my network so we can all understand. Read on to learn tips for entrepreneurs through interviews, stories & insights from the people already doing it!

DP Legal LLC logoTips From the Founders of DP Legal, LLC

  • Ashish Patel and Umang Desai are the co-founders of DP Legal, a Chicago based law firm specializing in corporate law, estate planning and real estate… Read Full Post
elegance-decor-logoTips From the Founders of Elegance Decor

  • Swetal, Bhavik and Ronak Patel are the co-founders of Elegance Decor, a Chicago-based wedding and event decor company specializing in South Asian weddings… Read Full Post
Tips From Sumeet Patel – BrandBacker

  • Sumeet Patel is the co-founder of BrandBacker, a platform that helps brands engage with their audience through content from bloggers and influencers… Read Full Post
SoMe Chicago LogoTips From Aalap Shah – SoMe

  • Aalap Shah is the co-founder of SoMe, a Chicago social media agency that specializes in creating engaging and viral marketing campaigns and strategies for businesses to drive traffic and revenue… Read Full Post
Harsh Patel Education ArchitectTips From Harsh Patel – MakerSquare

  • Harsh Patel is the Education Architect / TA at DevJumpstart, a brand new 10 week intensive bootcamp for aspiring developers and entrepreneurs in Austin, TX. He is also the co-founder and product guy at Portfoliyo… Read Full Post LogoTips From Keith Hanson –

  • Keith Hanson is the Founder of is like Yelp for stadium seating; providing ratings, reviews and photos of sports and concert seating… Read Full Post
Saucee logoTips From Himanshu Shah – Saucee

  • Himanshu Shah is the Co-Founder of Saucee, a brand new line of 100% organic sauces crafted to inspire people to eat more creatively… Read Full Post
DevJumpstart LogoTips From Shaan Shah – MakerSquare

  • Shaan Shah is a Co-Founder and TA of DevJumpstart, an Austin based start-up that turns people with no programming experience into Web Developers in just 10 weeks… Read Full Post
PrintEco LogoTips From Arpan Shah – PrintEco

  • Arpan Shah is CEO & co-founder of PrintEco. Arpan’s frustration with wasteful printing led to the creation of PrintEco, an easy-to-use software tool that saves paper automatically. He has been featured on CNET Greentech and…. Read Full Post