Businesses That Care

This page exists to recognize businesses (and their owners) who go the extra mile and show that they care about their customers – hence the title Businesses That Care.

Social media and online reviews have helped return some of the power that companies held over us back to the people. No longer can a business treat their customers like a number and brush them aside if they aren’t satisfied. Social media has given every individual the power to take word-of-mouth to every single person with Internet access, and that’s why it’s awesome. So often we hear about the negative aspects of this social media “feature,” but I want to point out the good side as well. When someone shows that they care, social media can and will help them and their business too.

Here are the businesses that inspired me to start this series:

zappos-family-signWhy You Should Visit Zappos When You’re In Vegas
Ravioli Oli logoRavioli Oli – Best Ravioli Restaurant in the Chicago Suburb
Desi United Shirt Inside PrintDesi Wear Provides Great Service to Customers Who Don’t Pay
Taco Bell Error Free Order AwardThe People of Taco Bell Versus the People of the DMV in Aurora IL