Down Time – The Necessary Good

Down has a negative connotation. Is that why we try to avoid down time? We constantly want to go up. Up is associated with progress. Move up the career ladder. 99.9% up time is standard expectation from your website host. God is somewhere up there.

But what if believe He’s right here… inside. Then would it be more okay to sit down? So we can download our thoughts and understand ourselves better. Get closer to the real me… and God?

Our minds are always running, with an up time of nearly 100%. But thankfully we are gifted with this necessity called sleep. Sleep encourages – no forces us to lie down, to take a break. We have to turn down the lights, reduce the noise, and stop everything. It is in this time we learn that peace is found in detachment. We are worry-free when we shut down for the night.

Without this down time, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to wake up, rise and take on the day. And without the down time for reflection, we wouldn’t know why and how we are going to make our way up to the goals we have set for ourselves.

Life is full of ups and downs. Both are equally important. So let’s not ignore down time – the necessary good.

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