Find Reasons To Celebrate

The sun will come up today. The sun will go down. People will go to work, or school, or not. They will drive. They will eat. They will watch tv. They will sleep. Today is like any other day. Except it is also different. It is different because we as a people have decided to use such days to celebrate. We have decided to think about this particular day differently than we would any other day of the year. We recognized how powerful changing ones outlook can be. We can simply decide, “today is special” and it becomes so – to you and to everyone who knows you. You wake up with a smile. People who know you think of you, and smile at you when they see you. They wish you joy and happiness – because it is today. Today people treat you differently, just because all of us collectively decided that this is how this type of day should be treated. And so it happens that way.

So you agree that there is something to this power of deciding. How about this… why not decide to treat more days just like this. Who is telling us we can’t celebrate more than today? You know it feels good when people call you, text you, and post nice things on your Facebook wall. Why confine it to just today. I say we celebrate more… lots more! It’s all in the outlook my friends. Celebrate something every day!

Something that has helped me think about, look forward to and remember the opportunities I have to celebrate in my life is writing them on a calendar and hanging it my cube so I see it (almost) every day. I actually keep two calendars right next to each other, one for the current month and one for the following. Here are some screen-caps from 2014:

calendar3calendar4calendar6calendar2calendar5calendar1After reviewing this calendar over the holiday break, Bhumi and I realized we only had fourteen, one-four weekends where we were in Indianapolis with nothing “special” to do. That means we found something to celebrate (or at least look forward to and fondly look back on) 3 out of 4 weeks of every month. Now that’s something to celebrate!

It’s my 30th birthday today, and I’m celebrating by enjoying simple things that I love and time with loved ones. I started the day by writing this blog while chilling with my wife and bro at Starbucks and currently Denny’s (hey 24 hour WiFi + Cookies & Cream Mega Sundae okay.) after we finished a tasty brick-oven pizza meal with my parents. Who knows what crazy things I’ll do tomorrow!dennys-bdayWhat are you going to celebrate today? Next week? This year?

Your time is amongst the (if not THE) most valuable thing you can give me so thank you for reading through this post today (now there’s something you can celebrate).

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