What Does the Flexibility of an Online MBA Do For You

How important is “flexibility” to you when it comes to managing your schedule? That’s something every prospective MBA student must consider. For me it came down to choosing between 90 minutes of commuting on a weeknight and using that time to get work done instead. I haven’t thought about it much since I started my MBA, but I took out a few minutes to think about what the flexibility of an online MBA has meant to me over the past year and quickly came up with three scenarios. Read the first story about the flexibility of an online MBA below:

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You’ve been wanting to get away, but for some reason or another you just haven’t been able to get out of town recently. You have this voucher for a free weekend stay at a water park resort in the neighboring state that would provide the perfect break. It doesn’t look like you’ll get to go somewhere anytime soon though. Work is getting busier now with more on your plate as you actively seek out more responsibility. Your wife has a free weekend coming up and wants to make the trip, but you’ve got an exam in your MBA Accounting class that needs to be taken by the Saturday on that same weekend. I guess the wife will have to make some more sacrifices – she’s probably gotten used to that since school started.

But wait, you can make that trip because you’re an online MBA student in Kelley Direct. Knowing that your schedule is going to be packed during the week you know there’s no way you’ll be able to attend the last lecture before the exam. You’ll properly have to save your studying until Friday night and Saturday – which is OK! Because all of your lectures are recorded, you won’t miss a thing. You decide to make the drive out to the Wisconsin Dells resort Saturday morning and start hitting the books. Your wife doesn’t have to suffer, but instead gets to relax in the hot tub. The next day you have to study most of the day – but your wife doesn’t mind, she’s enjoying the rest of the water park and still gets to share breakfast, lunch and dinner time with you. She’s glad you chose Kelley Direct.

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