Desi Wear Provides Great Service To Customers Who Don’t Pay

Desi Wear showed they care by following up their free Desi United t-shirt giveaway on Facebook with great customer service – even though I wasn’t a paying customer. While the “ROI of social media” can be difficult to measure, the “ROI of caring” will always matter and payoff when you think big picture. Social media is just a tool that Desi Wear and others use to show their clients how they care. I wouldn’t have bothered writing this post if it wasn’t for their creative use of social media paired with customer service.

Every so often Desi Wear gives away their cool desi t-shirts to people who like and share their posts on their Facebook. I happened to be the lucky winner chosen out of the 73 others who liked their post last month.

desi wear facebook giveaway

Because I had previously “liked” their page, I saw their update saying that I won in my news feed, and emailed them right away. I’m lucky that the update appeared in the news feed, otherwise I’m not sure if I would have ever seen it (it’s getting harder to reach people now). 


They replied promptly and said that I would have the shirt in about a week. Two weeks went by before I realized the shirt never arrived, so I emailed them asking about it. I got a response right away with an apology, saying they weren’t sure what happened and that maybe it got lost in transit. They then mailed another shirt the next day and emailed me the tracking number to make sure we knew what was happening this time. Desi Wear was prompt, apologetic, and solutions oriented – all for a free t-shirt giveaway that may have cost them an extra t-shirt because of a shipping issue.

I appreciated the effort they made, and it reflects well on their company as a whole. If they treat their contest winners with respect and appreciation, then I’m sure their paid customers enjoy the same benefits (and maybe more). It’s no accident that they have over 11,000 fans on Facebook. They show that they care, so they get rewarded via the new word-of-mouth marketing – social media.

Desi Wear’s Desi United T-shirt

Enough about them, now onto the shirt. American Apparel, ringspun cotton – ’nuff said (yeah I just watched Ocean’s 13 again last night). We slowly worked our way up to this quality t-shirt style for our Raahi shirts towards the end of our run. It’s expensive, but it feels and fits great. They should consider going tagless – especially with that cool screen print on the inside. I cut the tags off of every shirt that I buy now anyways.

Desi United Shirt Inside Print

The design is made for a soccer (or “football” for anyone outside of the US) jersey, but I’m sure putting it on a t-shirt makes it more affordable. The concept of the design is the best part, featuring the symbols for Sikhism, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity together in a crest. It symbolizes the evolution in South Asian relationships that our generation currently enjoys, especially here in the US (I can’t speak for other places). Of the few speeches we had at our wedding, one was from a Sikh Punjabi friend, and another from Muslim friend. We’re lucky to have grown up with different cultures in our schools and neighborhoods, and lucky that the baggage that our parents had to deal with didn’t carry over. 


This is definitely one of Desi Wear’s best shirts. Here some of their other designs that deserve a mention: 

I know the holiday season is over, but these Desi Wear shirts make great gifts for all occasions – and between all of our desi festivals I’m sure there’s something to celebrate every week of the year 🙂



Here’s a little inside joke for my “desi t-shirt industry peeps” – can you name the company on the track jacket? (hint: it’s not Banana): desi-wear-bad-karma

 Answer in the comments below.

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