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Marketer, engineer, entrepreneur, intrapreneur, Chicagoan, Hoosier, Kelley, Illini, Indian, and American are all titles I identify with. I use this site to explore those identities, to play around with online marketing and social media strategies, and to reward business owners who show that they care. Whenever I am not at work or studying for my Kelley MBA & MS in Business Analytics classes, I am trying to learn more about marketing. It is an ever-changing field which keeps things fun and exciting. Connect with me on Twitter: @Pathik_Bhatt – I’m always down to talk social media and marketing!

I also managed RAAHI – a South Asian design and apparel company that my brother Naitik and I started in 2006. As of 2012, we have taken a break to focus more on our careers and education, but we will still take on an occasional design when we have time. RAAHI helped me step into the world of business and provided me with countless lessons in entrepreneurship, sales and marketing as we grew it into a profitable and nationally recognized company amongst our target market.

Pathik & Bhumi in Chicago

My wife Bhumi (occupational therapist) and I live and work in Chicago, and are just beginning to explore this city. We love to get out & travel so if you have any tips (for here and abroad) we’d love to hear them. You can read about our travel on Bhumi’s site.

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